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Notable AdvisorsWhat people are saying about advisors on Onesta
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Dale Braun
"Dale is so knowledgeable and took the needed time to go over every detail with us. I'm con..."
- Kelly Danko
Advisor Image
Daniel Chrzanowski
"I met Dan at a networking event almost two years ago. After only a few minutes of talking..."
- Randy Lindorff
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Dustin Mccain
"Dustin is great. He takes the time to really listen to your goals and future plans. He is ..."
- Brian Jones
Latest advisors to join Onesta
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David Goeres
Financial decisions are challenging, but not because you have to make sense of interest rates and s...
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Kevin Cuthill
As an Edward Jones financial advisor, I believe it's important to invest my time to understand what...
Advisor Image
Max Miller
As an earnest investor, you know the importance of developing a strategy and seeing it through. I w...
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Get an advisor background checkWe provide details about legal action taken against advisors so that you can be aware of their history.
Look through client reviewsDid you know reviews of advisors were illegal until November 2022? We are working to collect reviews to help you make more informed decisions.
Find crucial business informationOnesta collects and processes every advisor’s SEC registration data (form ADV) for your benefit.
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Tools & Resources
13 CRUCIAL QUESTIONS TO ASK A FINANCIAL ADVISOR IN YOUR FIRST MEETINGWe've compiled a list of the top 13 questions that should be asked during your initial consultation with an advisor.
5 COMMON MISTAKES WHEN MANAGING A FINANCIAL WINDFALL AND HOW TO BEST MANAGE YOUR MONEYWhen you receive a sudden windfall of money, the most important thing is to stay calm and not make any hasty decisions.
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